Sunday, 30 October 2016

It’s a girl

It’s a girl!

The sound of laughter and tears of joy welcoming her to life. Everybody cheering and jumping. They can hardly contain their happiness. It’s the happiest day in every husband and wife’s lives. The day they hold a piece of their hearts in their arms. The day their whole world changes and becomes sweeter and full of innocence. The day they have a new responsibility which is like nothing they had to deal with before. The day they need to realize it’s not about them anymore.

She’s a blessing, an angel who fills their world with love and joy. They watch her grow and blossom day by day. Beautiful and full of life, one of the most affectionate and lively girls one could lay his eyes on. She feels as free as a butterfly and she has the entire world to conquer. The sky is limitless and so are her dreams. They talk to her about the world she lives in; sometimes it seems scary but most of the time she finds it intriguing, arousing her curiosity and excitement. She knows she can reach far beyond what she knows now. She knows she can achieve anything she wants and that her parents will always be there to support her. However, support meant a completely different thing to each of them.

And the day they have been waiting for has come. The day everything changes for her and for every girl, so they say. She is confused and terrified. She doesn’t know what to expect and she can see it in their eyes. The look they had for her has changed. She can hear them talking about her and making plans but she can’t really understand what they are thinking of. But they knew exactly what they needed to do. It was all planned and decided long back, since the day she was born. It was born with her. It was the fate and destiny she can never escape. They completely agreed that it would be as difficult for them as it will be for her, but who knows what’s best for the child better than her own parents.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

To the beat

He mesmerizes me. He has a magical aura surrounding him that can capture your soul and melt your heart. Stars flickering in his eyes filling them with passion. The grace with which he moves; his arms swimming in the air, his legs caressing the floor, his soul soaring high and filling the entire place with a sweet summer breeze, the fragrance of a delicate rose and you can feel the softness of silk embracing you.

That’s how he dances.

He dances and the whole world stands still.

He would pass me by like I don’t exist. Not a word, not even eye contact. He was so different. He knew he was special and he knew exactly why I would go after him. Or that’s what he thought.
I’m known for how outgoing and daring I can be, but for some reason I stand helpless in front of him. My entire body becomes numb and I can hardly think straight. He makes me nervous and I don’t like it. I never run after anybody and I never get ignored. He doesn’t know what’s coming. He doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Unrest in Peace

It’s alluring, she can hear it calling. For no apparent reason and despite all the alerts, she knows deep down inside of her it’s where she ought to be.

Standing amidst a small garden and excitedly heading towards her new home she steps on some yellow grass, but that doesn’t bother her much, she’d replant the whole garden anyway.

It wasn’t huge but big enough for her. The walls looked cracked with tall slim windows covering most of it. Its color was dimmer than the night approaching.
One can hear her heels mounting the step in front of the door and going in.

Closing the door she could see nothing, not even her own hands. The inside was as dark, cold and gloomy as a grave. She instantly reopened the door to let in some of the dying light. She then moved towards the many windows trying to open their heavy dusty curtains. Now the interior was more obvious.
Although what she saw made her regret opening the curtains, she still felt that she belonged to that place. It was now part of her. Or is it her that became part of it?

There was some furniture – in fact what used to be furniture – now only some rigid filthy mess. However, just like the garden, she would fix everything and put the place back together, she thought, but not at the moment, she was dead tired and needed some rest. Still exploring the unknown, she goes up to the second floor on an almost collapsing staircase. Was that repairable too, she wasn’t sure, yet kept going up. Finally finding the bedroom, she puts down her luggage, opens her hand bag, gets her best and only friend out and starts to talk …

The Souls Hunter

He was prince charming. As he passes by, he hypnotizes all souls staring at him. As he passes by, heart beats are heard echoing in the place like drums, eyes flare up with passion and desire, and voices tremble as they announce his arrival.

He enjoyed these looks and this atmosphere. They gave him a certain kind of pleasure and they satisfied his ego and pride. In fact, that was what he always worked for. That was the core of his life. He had always been taking care of those who fell for him. He took very good care of them that he helped them attain eternal rest, or, at least, he thought he did.

He never, practically, approached anybody; however, he was the one that drove them all towards him. It was all his doing. Even though, hearts, desperately, longed for him, they wouldn’t have taken one step without him having a word with their minds. He was so smart that he knew how to drag every single soul. It’s true, they were different and unique on their own ways, yet he treated them similarly and his method was always the same. He was not creative, yet women were never cautious and never saw it coming and, even, when some of them did, they still chose to surrender.

Women to him were nothing more than a game. A fierce one. He would start it off by lies and deceit and they would all believe him and follow him blindly. He was so organized and determined. He would take them to a fairytale, to a magical world where all dreams come true and to where they shed tears of happiness. But then, he cuts through their chests and tears their hearts apart and they shed tears of blood. He seduces the innocent soul of the woman, owns it, and exhausts it that she can neither think nor walk away. After that, he murders her so that she would always be his and so that he would not have to deal with her again when he is off to the next one. He takes her motionless cold body to the house yard, buries her beneath mud and dust and on the top of her grave he plants a flower.

Years pass by and his yard is a beautiful flowery garden that bears deep inside memories with the smell of death.

Green Eyes

She's smiling in everyone's face. Her laughter fills the place, she wins everybody's admiration. When she passes by, her beauty catches all eyes and humbly she reacts. She's recognized whenever confidence, honesty, initiative and hard work are mentioned.

 A normal day, as usual, she goes out and spends a wonderful time with her friends. “I had a great time, I always love to hang out with you guys” she says with her famous lovable loud laugh, then turns away heading home. Her friends’ goodbyes and wishes to see her again soon trace her all the way until she gets in her luxurious car. They are just so glad to know such a girl.  

She goes home. Her smile, gradually, fades away. Her forehead starts to wrinkle and her eyebrows shadow over her sharp looking eyes. Her muscles stiffen and you can hear her heart beats banging out loud. She throws her bag across the room and you can sense her perfume bottle crashing into pieces as it hits the black cracked wall. A fierce monstrous deep shriek is heard echoing throughout the place. It shakes the room upside down. Her bloody tears start racing down her cheeks that are being torn by her pointed scratching nails. Definitely, there are others around, but somehow they neither hear nor see her transformation. Her deep self is never witnessed. It's buried underneath her weak uncontrollably intended façade. She's haunted. She's haunted by her own soul and she can never break free. At least not now. Does she even try? No clue. Does she realize her misery? Still, no apparent clue. There's even no proof whether she names it a misery or not. Maybe she feels normal. Most probably she feels normal for she seems happy and satisfied. Yet, none of these is a certainty. It's either you trust your own perspective or just let her lead you and you may, eventually, find out the truth…or not! You may fall. You may become a prey and a mystery on your own.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Down to Earth

Tears of joy streaming down everybody's face. He's finally here. The child they've been hopelessly and desperately praying for!

They loved him dearly and fiercely. They took amazing and dangerous care of him. They kept away all that could hurt him or kept him away from all that was natural and good for him. They planted safety in his soul that he was scared to death. They hushed his tears and saved many more for him to come. They provided everything and took away everything.

Trying to crawl down his cradle, his parents would rush towards him "oh, little angel, we've got you, we've got you." They would always carry him. They wouldn't bare the idea of placing this piece of heaven on the floor.

They held him high, higher than he should be.